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Kati KibenaOÜ KibeKäsi ("DabHand") has got its name due to owner's name and certain characteristics.

My name is Kati Kibena and I've acquired professioon of sewing industry technician-technologist at University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn. I've also acquired fitter's skills at Tallinn 4th Trade school, later on amended myself in University of Applided Sciences in Tallinn and got higher education in the field of clothing organisation.

I'm an experienced specialist in fitting, individual sewing and also mass production.

I've been engaged in two different enterprises as a master-technologist. A sewing room located in Tartu, Võru street 55, II floor is open starting from September.

You are welcome!



Skirt sewing
from 45 EUR
Skirt with lining
from 50 EUR
Blouse sewing
from 45 EUR
Trousers sewing
from 55 EUR
Dress sewing
from 55 EUR
Dress with lining
from 65 EUR
Jacket sewing
from 50 EUR
Jacket with lining
from 75 EUR

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Come and sew by yourself!

It is possible to come and use sewing machines (universal sewing machine, overlock, home appliances) and also get help with cutting and sewing. It is possible to use two sewing machines at a time.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to notify about your visit beforehand on the phone to be sure that machines are free and ready to use.
Service fee for 1,5 hours 12 EUR.

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